You can help change a life.

There are different ways you can help children of child abuse. Something we can all do is share this information and spread the word to make everyone aware. Awareness and knowledge are the key to prevent and stop child abuse.

Make a financial donation.

Making a financial contribution is a huge help. It will allow more education, building up children’s self-worth and self-esteem, and provide immediate needs of children who are entering the court system.

You are able to designate your funds and also make a donation in honor of someone.

Contribute to Backpacks of Love

Our Backpacks contain essential necessities for kids of all ages who are entering the system. Each backpack is designed to be gender and very age specific. These backpacks include such things as a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, children’s soap/body wash, children’s shampoo, and age appropriate books and toys.

Bring Awareness

Educating the public about child abuse is a critical step in prevention.

Keith has spoken at numerous schools, churches, and fundraisers to benefit children, substance abuse programs and judicial systems through the country. Have him speak at your next event.

Know Signs of Abuse

Knowing what to look for and what to do is part of stopping abuse. Specific signs and symptoms depend on the type of abuse and can vary. Educate yourself of these signs and share them with others.

You may also educate yourself with other child experts on how to handle different situations.