Our Backpacks contain essential necessities for kids of all ages who are entering the system. Each backpack is designed to be gender and very age specific. These backpacks include such things as a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, children’s soap/body wash, children’s shampoo, and age appropriate books and toys.

The way the process works is The Keith Edmonds Foundation has backpacks standing by and ready to go. The Department of Children’s Services (DCS) along with local law enforcement calls The Keith Edmonds Foundation right when a child is being removed.  A member of The Keith Edmonds Foundation immediately takes a backpack to the child’s location. This can be at the offices of Children’s Services, a hospital or police department. On a few occasions, we may have to meet in a shopping center or on the side of the road, as example. The goal is to get a backpack to these children quickly and efficiently.

Ways to Help with this Program

Make a Financial ContributionThe Keith Edmonds Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our space is donated so there is no rent to be paid. There is nothing more frustrating then donating to an organization just to learn that only a small percentage went to the cause you were supporting. This is the preferred method as we can purchase items in bulk or at a discounted non-profit rate. You can donate by clicking here or you can mail donations to 155 Legends Dr. Ste J, Lebanon, TN 37087

Rally your Troops by Organizing a Drive: Organize your business, church group, social group, school, or community organization to assemble backpacks. This is a great project for family based organizations and supporters of children. If you wish, we can come to your organization to speak about the program and present sample backpacks. This is a great way to get the word out, support the program, and bring attention to the prevention of child abuse.  You can download the suggested list of items here.

Purchase a backpack and fill it with love: Using a checklist, you can begin filling a backpack for a child of particular age and gender. Once your backpack is complete, you can drop off your backpacks at any of our convenient drop off locations or at our office.

Make a donation and have a backpack purchased and filled on your behalf: The average cost of a backpack can run between $30 and $50, however, this cost can fluctuate depending on age and amount of donated items. Please feel free to make a financial donation for us to purchase and fill a backpack on your behalf. You can specify the age and gender of the pack you would like for us to fill (or leave it up to us based on needs). This is a great option for those that are not local but wish to help as well as those that are too busy (or too far) to shop and drop off a backpack. 

Please remember YOU are a part of The Keith Edmonds Foundation and make these things possible. Please share any ideas and suggestions you may have. We welcome these suggestions.