About a Baby: by Keith Edmonds

About a Baby is a story of the resilience of the human will, the courage to face one’s demons, and the ability to emerge from a childhood of anguish as a more courageous person.

This is Keith’s story.

Enduring a cruel act of abuse that left him noticeably scarred for life, Keith learned that what did not kill him must make him stronger, or else the abuse he suffered would become self-abuse. As a fourteen month-old baby, he was forced to forever bear the evidence of his torture, but he ultimately came to see that only through forgiveness could he begin to embrace his physical differences. Keith recounts his early years: the first moment he understood that he was “different;” the ridicule he felt for his differences at the tender age of four; and the anger, frustration, and loneliness that resulted throughout his childhood.

To many, he is considered a victim of child abuse; however, Keith prefers the term child abuse survivor. A survivor is someone who uses the evil deeds done toward him as a means to help others improve themselves. A survivor is someone who chooses to see the power in forgiveness and a life of worship. A survivor is someone who faces the cruelness in the world and gives back more than could ever be imagined.